Brand New Product Line just in!

Brand New Product Line just in!
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Saturday, 7 March 2009

An interesting train journey

Shattered from a very long and gruelling conference in London I settled into my train seat and prepared for a dull two hour journey from Paddington to Bristol. I'd forgotten my ipod and had just resigned myself to listening to businessmen barking into mobile phones at the tops of their voices (I never remember to book the quiet carriage) all the way home when a woman came and sat opposite me.

After a while we struck up conversation and she turned out to be a very interesting woman indeed - the chief executive of a charity called the 'National Bullying Helpline', an advisory body who will help and advise anyone from school children to people troubled by bullying in the workplace.

It sounds like she is doing a wonderful and very worthwhile job and is currently busy trying to drum up a high profile ambassador for the charity to raise it's national profile. So if anyone out there could maybe mention the cause to say ... David Beckham that would be great. I think he'd be perfect for the role!